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IT seniorconsultant - Master degree level

M.Sc.EE (DTU) - Sun J2EE certified - BEA Weblogic certified - worked as official IBM Global Services / BEA Systems / 7N / ProData / SCR / .. consultant...

J2EE consultant - experienced

Mission Statement: Dedication to help people!

Dedicated to make a difference. Check my educational background as M.Sc.EE - certifications - my long and broad work experience - tech articles - website on design patterns methods - website related to my core skill. I work evenings and weekends to ensure continued excelence of service. Always willing to learn more and from others. Willing to pass on learning.


Because... I'm the J2EE consultant... with emphasis on J2EE - and I'm here to help people!


Higher level and more complex problems call for greater need of cooperation. Military manuals tell never to underestimate small groups of people... who know where they're heading and devoted beyond all limits. Successfull results are depending on many factors. But the best offset normally gives the best chances for success.

The hard

Det hårde
Devoted to the motto "Immer besser machen!" Master degree (electronic engineering) with absolute hard technical qualifications. Certifications. Travelled all the way. From Z80 Basic programming in the beginning of the 80'ties to broad-scaled J2EE EJB business solutions today. Always with respect for the customers needs - and loyal backup, when most needed.

Speciality: J2EE, methods, patterns, security and technical troubleshooting.

The soft

Det bløde
The word "dialog" comes from greek [dialogos], meaning through [dia] word [logos]. In reality, dialog is very important, because words helps forming concrete ideas and narrowing unformulated parts of agreements. People grow with responsability and respect.

Focus areas: the importance of leaving space to others, being able to change roles in projects and keep all balls moving in the air

The fun part

The fun
A series of auction sites, which I have personally coded from back-end to front-end, running on Tomcat/JSP/PostgreSQL wiht SSL certifikat termination on Apache webserver
The fun
Auction sites with different fokus. Free (gratis) natually. Because I'm the nicest consultant around!